Our Workshop

This is the place where the magic happens

If you can dream it, We'll build it

We are known to be brand independed and for our customization.
Drop us an e-mail on info@dgtuning.com to further discuss your project.

Our Idea

From the start, Dieter was intrigued with engineering and heavy duty testing and use of the builds. That idea still stands today. We don’t serie build 4x4’s but specialise in high quality custom solutions. If you come over and explain your idea, we are more than happy to bring our experience to the table and discuss how we could tackle this competition or dreambuild in the best way.

We are convinced that a dialogue works the best, the rest is your imagination and our experience.

The Process

If you come to our shop, it’s probably for the best to clear your agenda for the rest of the afternoon. Our toyshop is filled with goodies we can discuss for inspiration. We are passionate to elevate your idea to maximize your budget and have it fitted the best way for your intended purpose. Once details are discussed, we plan to be as transparent as possible. Our timing and parts software helps us to give you an overview whenever is needed. Of course, always welcome to drop by when you’re in the neighbourhood. Once the vehicle or upgrades are done, we test all systems before we call you for collection.


Not sure if your vehicle is completely safe and ready to go on your next adventure? We can check and maintain your vehicle for you so you can sleep on both ears. Custom machines, vintage vehicles or your standard 4x4’s are more than welcome.


Are you thinking about fitting a winch, led bar, canopy or upgrading your suspension for example? Via our webshop, we have a lot of upgrades in stock and can fit them for you. We have all the special crimping tools, machines and know-how to tackle almost all problems.

Custom Builds

Do you want to fully go to town with a partly or complete custom build? Yes, we can be your partner. We have built some serious machines along the way. From custom roll cages and fitting custom engines in buggy’s to restoring and upgrading some Hummer H1’s. We have built complete off grid systems to have 220volts throughout the night to run your fridge, compressor and heating, all recharged by your car, solar panels or 220V plug. Complete water or fuel systems… you name it and we will build it.

The Machines

We recently upgraded our plasma cutting tables, sheet metal organisation and a big bending press. Apart from the regular workshop tools like a tube bender, lathe, MIG & Tig welder and handheld machines, together with our partners, we are more than capable of building almost anything. Yes, we can help you with your bending needs as well. We have 3D CAD programs, a 3D printer and a 3D scanner to complete the machine park with the newest technologies.

Our Mechanics

Together with close to a hundred years of experience, they have been through their fair share of 4x4 misery. All owning and driving various 4x4 since the time they could lay their hands on one, the boys grew their life around them, they breathe them. They complain about them as any owner does, but they can’t life without them, again, like any owner does. With experience ranging from fairly standard Samurai’s all the way over to Ultra 4x4’s with big v8's, yes, the boys can help you with your project.