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Dieter and Gino DuytschaeverWe, Gino and Dieter Duytschaever, father and son, since 1992 have the same hobby which is 4x4's. It all started with a Suzuki LJ80 that we both used for participating in competition trough out Belgium. It didn't take long before we started taking on some more serious competitions abroad as well. Those were primarily winch trophies, challenges and trials. We always built our own offroaders but also helped out occasionally by building stuff for others. Gradually we built more and more for other people. That's how D&G Tuning came to be.

Dieter The products we design and build are the result of extensive testing by using them for what they are intended: extreme off-road use. We spend a lot of time in building the right 4x4 for the right job and customer. We can help you from a small modification to building the most extremely modified competition vehicle. Today, customers from all over Europe come to us with their questions and bring their 4x4 to us. The most commonly sold products are on our website and if you have a special need, you can always contact us by mail. 

D&G Duytschaever